We are quickly approaching Friday night, March 31st, which will be the end of our shelter season, and our guests (and staff) have a couple of requests. Since the full-time shelters are full, our guests would love to have a dry, safe place to rest and call their own each night.  

Our guests need:

Waterproof Tarps
Sleeping Bag
Pop-up Tent

Our Staff needs:

Bus passes, or donations specifically for bus passes*, for our guests to get to/from doctors’ appointments, housing interviews, job interviews, work, etc. Even though we close this week, we still see many of our guests on a regular basis.

Bus Pass

What’s Next?

  • Drop off donations during daylight hours at Anthony’s Plot, 2323 Sunnyside Av. There is a newborn in the house, please leave your generous donation on the porch (with a card so we can thank you), or put monetary donations through the mail slot in the door. Please DO NOT ring the doorbell.
  • Want to donate online? Use link above or here*.
  • Call Lea Thullbery during business hours with any questions you may have at 336-918-7981.

*  Financial services freely provided by Trinity Moravian Church