God is at work transforming lives at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church! We have been involved in the Winston-Salem Overflow Shelters through City with Dwellings since they opened on December 1, 2013 with the Blessing of Shelters. By February of that year, the two downtown locations at Augsburg Lutheran and First Baptist Church were overflowing with guests, so St. Timothy’s opened a new shelter location in Drake Hall on Friday, February 14. This has been an exciting time for everyone at St.Timothy’s as our parish lives into incarnational ministry with our homeless neighbors as we strive to live out our baptismal covenants through our adoration, formation, and transformation as the Body of Christ.

From December 1 – March 31, our shelter remains open and nightly welcomes women and couples into our warm and safe space. We provide them with a hot meal and care bags of basic necessities (toothbrushes, etc.), a cushy mat, and often times a bagged lunch.

This is incarnational ministry at its best–when we care for God’s people all around us. It’s opening our doors and hearts and welcoming in the most unlikely of guests. It is letting down our guard and our expectations, and seeing Christ’s love in a new light when we place ourselves “with” people and in places we would not otherwise find ourselves. Incarnational ministry is at its very core relational—seeing the image of God in each and every soul we encounter. We are learning from our homeless guests that when we step out of what we know, and embrace all people as children of God worthy of our time and our relationship—we can better grasp the love of Jesus Christ.

The Overflow Shelter By the Numbers…

  • 10,828 = human nights spent at the overflow shelters.
  • 17,647 = meals provided
  • 2,200 = bus passes
  • 1,568 = blessing bags
  • 968 = volunteers
  • 630 = loads of laundry


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