Address: 1046 Miller St, Winston Salem, NC 27103

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CLOSED for the Season

Every night in December, we’ll need volunteers to make the shelter run. Down below you’ll find all the information you need to be a volunteer, and we ask that you start with the video, and volunteer training & procedure guide. Already know when you want to volunteer and what you want to do? Click on the SignUp button. The volunteer software will ask you to create a simple profile, and then you will be able to sign up for a responsibility on a night between 12/01 and 12/31!

Volunteer Needs

Meal Volunteer (16+ years old)
Food for 20
Brings food for 20 at 7:45pm. May bring a hot meal, but if you do so, please know you will not have access to the kitchen and therefore need to bring it hot and bring serving utensils, plates, napkins, and eating utensils. Please feel free to stay and enjoy fellowship with our guests after dinner until ‘lights out’.
Overnight Volunteer (18+ years old)
8pm – 6:30am
2 per night
Overnight volunteers arrive at 8pm. Each night there should be 2 overnight volunteers and they are expected to stay until 6:30am, helping the guests check-out. During the night, one volunteer will stay awake with the monitor on duty and the volunteers can alternate shifts, utilizing a safe and separate room to get rest. There is free wifi in the space for your work or your leisure.
Check-in Volunteer
2-4 per night
Check-in volunteers arrive at 7:30 and start preparing for check-in by pulling bins and laying out mats. They will assist with the check-in process as needed, but will also act as extra eyes and hands to ensure a welcoming and safe environment during the busy time when guests are being checked-in and eating.
Goodie Bags Volunteer
Drop off at the door facing the lower lot between 7:00-7:30 p.m.
Prepare for 20 Guests
Preparing “goodie bags” is a popular volunteer option for children, adults, churches, and organizations wishing to involve both younger and older volunteers.
Suggestions: Non-perishable pop-top food items (please include utensil), chips, small sweet snack, fresh fruit, applesauce, soft granola bars, bottle of water. Please remember that many of our guests do not have regular access to dental care or medical care and may have difficulty eating hard fruits and more sugary items.

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Homeless Training Video

Many of our volunteers requested training on interacting with the homeless, so we’ve included this video as a part of our training. Please take time to at least watch the video until the 10m30s mark on engaging our guests before volunteering!

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video until the 10min 30sec mark on mental health, and we are grateful for your compassionate service.

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