The City With Dwellings’ Community First Space (located at 633 W 4th St., Winston-Salem) is an inviting and hospitable place to stay in touch with our guests. Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 11am, we continue the positive, grounding relationships that were started during the Overflow Shelter season. Our guests needs are always varied, and may include:

  • facilitate phone calls to doctors, governmental agencies, hospitals for records, etc.
  • provide a bus pass for a verified doctor’s or housing appointment, etc.
  • use of computers to apply for a job online.
  • assist guests with fine-tuning their résumé.
  • celebrate with them because they are gainfully employed, are housed, were reunited with loved-ones.
  • a quick board-game while they wait, etc.

The Resource Center will also be host to various workshops to help with the overall well-being of our guests, which may include art therapy, planting foods (which will be shared), tai chi, and more.

These two hours will quickly pass, and yet, these two hours can change the world. Your continued devotion to our guests and Winston-Salem now has a new outlet, signup today!

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There are also some items that we need to help us with our work at the Resource Center:

  • 35 gal. Trash Bags
  • 20 gal. Trash Bags 
  • White Cotton Socks (pre-washed if possible, both male & female)
  • Disposable Coffee Cups
  • Wide-Tip Permenent Markers
  • Blankets
  • Umbrellas
  • Money for Operating Expenses and Bus Passes (please see our donation page for more information on monetary giving)