Driven by the commitment of volunteers and the support of an ecumenical coalition of faith communities, the scope of CwD’s work with the homeless evolved and expanded beyond the Overflow season. To better facilitate work with the homeless community, in March 2017, CwD opened an active, welcoming Community First Center on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The City With Dwellings’ Community First Center (located at 633 W 4th St., Winston-Salem) is an inviting and hospitable place to stay in touch with our guests. Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 11am, we continue the positive, grounding relationships that were started during the Overflow Shelter season. 

Our work at the CFC has two main components. First, we provide one-on-one support to individuals navigating the complex system of housing, health and employment resources. In addition, we are committed to offering opportunities which engage individuals in innovative art, horticultural, and music therapy programs. This allows us to connect with practical needs, as well as the unique spiritual and emotional needs of high-risk/high-need homeless individuals.

We offer a supportive environment where homeless individuals enjoy hospitality, work with volunteers to set and meet housing and health goals, and participate in innovative programming aimed at maintaining a strong connection to community. We believe this is an effective approach to achieve ongoing stability and health for those most vulnerable.  

These two hours will quickly pass, and yet, these two hours can change the world. Your continued devotion to our guests and Winston-Salem now has a new outlet, signup today!

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There are also some items that we need to help us with our work at the Resource Center:

  • 35 gal. Trash Bags
  • 20 gal. Trash Bags 
  • White Cotton Socks (pre-washed if possible, both men’s and women’s)
  • Disposable Coffee Cups (8 oz)
  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate