You all are our contacts into Winston-Salem’s colleges, congregations, and groups that help make up City With Dwellings.  I am writing to ask your help in finding a very important last piece of our organizational puzzle.

Reynolda Presbyterian has generously made available their full size bus for our transportation needs on Thursdays and Fridays during the evening registration process.  The on-site hours for this volunteer position are 7:15pm-8:45pm (that time will decrease a bit starting in January; we work hard to make sure it never takes much longer than this).  The bus requires a driver with a CDL.

Is there someone in your college, congregation, or group who has their CDL and might be interested in volunteering on Thursdays or Fridays this winter?  If so, I would need their name as soon as possible.  Please email me if you have someone you believe might help.  Its a great opportunity to be involved in the shelter in a different capacity.  

Thanks for being part of this community!


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